Fixed Income Solutions

How It Works

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Anyone approaching or in retirement has the dilemma of choosing the safe path by investing in low-risk options to preserve principal or risk their nest egg by putting their money in the markets.  Now we add in the 8%+ Inflation and the problem becomes much more complicated. Is there a Another option?

Our asset backed and collateralized solution secured by UCC-1lein (same as banks use to protect interest in mortgages) provides a fixed rate return.

We offer two options:

  1. 8% Fixed interest paid annually.  60-month commitment
  2. 9% Fixed interest paid at the end of the 60-month period.

This is a great alternative or addition to your current stock, mutual fund or bond portfolio.  Perfect for retirees who want growth and income without risk to maintain their principal and be able to sleep at night.

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Ready to Learn More?

Thank you for your interest in how you can earn a high fixed interest rate on your savings without the risks of a volatile stock market.  Your money is asset backed and collateralized so you can sleep comfortable knowing your money is safe. 

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