Long-Term Care

How It Works

It’s important to make sure you have enough retirement income to last, but have you thought about how your retirement income could be affected if you have an unexpected health event? According to U.S. Department of health and human services, 70 percent of people turning 65 today may need some type of long-term care in the future.  Today, 80 percent of care at home is provided by unpaid caregiver.  

Taking steps now to prepare, before you need care, can help you maintain control over your options in the future.  If you plan properly, you can ensure that a long-term care need won’t impact your retirement assets.  Cost of care will continue to rise as more people need care. 

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Our Asset Based plan isn’t a traditional long-term care insurance.

It combines the whole life insurance with long-term care protection.  Unlike traditional policies, your premium will never increase, and they won’t go to waste if you never need care.  Instead, your policy death benefit is paid to whomever you choose.

With our joint protection option, you won’t need to purchase separate policies.  Even if you both need care at the same time, we make it easy by covering you both under one policy with shared benefit.

Ready to Learn More?

Thank you for your interest in Asset Based Long-Term Care.  This program can create a secure way to protect your retirement from the high costs of Long-Term Care.  Unlike traditional Long-Term Care, this give you an asset for your estate should you not ever need care.  Also allows you to control how to spend your Long-Term Care dollars.

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